Since communication with cell towers and internet access points is essential in order to use your device, it’s near impossible to stop WhatsApp from collecting this data. WhatsApp was created with privacy in mind and managed to serve its users well for many years. However, things changed when WhatsApp was sold to Facebook a couple of years ago. Many people have expressed growing concern over how Facebook collects and uses information. Not everyone will be able to implement this last tip and Mitnick acknowledges it’s a pain, however it’s a good idea to use a separate device for financial transactions.

Through WhatsApp, we can share text, images, voice, videos, documents, user location and contacts and also we can able to make a video call and audio call. Facebook is aware of this danger and tries to plug this hole by aggressively copying features of other successful apps among teenagers. Facebook is also doing well in growing its revenue and profits.

Apart from advertisers and users, another counterparty Facebook needs to consider when running its business are regulators and politicians. The issue is not only its antitrust lawsuit that is coming. It is also about defining the role Facebook, and other social media players should play in the moderation of speech on the internet and defining where is a line for content that should not be acceptable. Still, to keep its business model working, Facebook has strong motivation to provide users a great experience and listen to what they want and need. But there is another group whose needs and wishes are critical to Facebook, and those are advertisers.

Whatsapp Rolls Out New Feature

The government on Tuesday posted a message on Twitter unequivocally rubbishing the claim. It’s in WhatsApp’s FAQ that this is the case, so they’re not hiding this lack of funtionality, but from my observations its definitely a BIG misunderstanding among WhatsApp users out there. And to me, the value of the read confirmation is EXTREMELY important.

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Point your phone’s camera at the QR code that’s displayed on and wait for a couple of seconds. While smartphone sales have been outstripping personal computer purchases since 2011, the market seems to have plateaued, as 1.46 billion smartphones were sold last year. Even for an app with around 1.3 billion active monthly users, these numbers are staggering. As a result of the above, professional group chats can quickly descend into a chaos of unknown digits and faceless profiles. Beyond simply being timewasting, this limits the crucially interpersonal nature of a professional network.

Open WhatsApp and go to setting by tapping three dots on the right upper corner. Now, click on privacy and uncheck the “Read Receipt” option. By disabling this other won’t get a blue tick when you read their message. To make the two blue ticks appear even if someone turns off the Read Receipt option, you just send them a small voice message after your text message. IMPORTANT – you cannot disable read receipts from your group chats or from voice messages.